Boise Cultural Groups


Euzkaldunak - The Basque Center

Basque Center Boise, IDThe Basque Center was built in 1949 and is a gathering place for Basque people of the area. We help maintain our heritage by helping to support Basque dancing, events and gatherings.


Basque Museum & Cultural Center

Basque Museum Boise,IDThe Basque Museum & Cultural Center provides a look into the heritage of the Basque communities of Idaho and surrounding areas.

Basque Shopping


The Basque Block

Basque Block Boise, IDIn the heart of downtown Boise wedged between the Boise Centre on the Grove, BODO and Old Boise. The Basque Block is the center of the Basque Community in the region and site of many annual events like the Festival San Inazio, and every five years Jaialdi.


The Basque Market

Basque Market Boise,IDSpecializing in Spanish wines, Basque imports, delicious food to go, and cooking classes. They cater, as well!

Basque Organizations


Cenarrusa Foundation for Basque Culture

Cenarrrusa OrganizationThe Cenarrusa Foundation is a cultural advancement and funding organization. Supporting the Basque cultural experience in Idaho and Eastern Oregon founded by Pete Cenarrusa.


Oinkari Dancers

Oinkari DancersOne of the oldest Basque Dance groups in North America celebrating 60 years in 2020!