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We are blessed to be visited every year by people from around the globe and especially those from Euskadi! Eskerrik asko!

Gernika Basque Pub & Eatery

Ray Kroc's genius was to make French fries taste the same everywhere. Does this concept bother you at all? It should. Americans have sadly become inured to mass-produced frozen food. Eat just one French fry at Bar Gernika, and even the most catatonic consumer will be aroused.

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Food and Wine - November 2008

Food Across America: Boise, Idaho....then I wandered down to the Basque Block (Boise has the third-largest Basque population in the world, after Spain and Argentina). Bar Gernika is the place to stop for a ludicrously good chorizo sausage on a soft bun and piping-hot potato croquetas.

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